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Get exactly what you want from your caravan!
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New Age Assist is *roadside *technical and *24 hour assistance all in  the one package for 24/7 peace of mind.
complimentary with New Age Caravan purchases and yearly renewals available there after for Pre-loved New Age Caravans.

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A New Age in Caravans has arrived 2016 Manufacturer of the Year

The future of New Age Caravans is looking bright .We are proud to have been awarded CTIAVs Business Awards, “Manufacturer Of The Year” . Come and view our award winning models.


Exclusive Club for like minded New Age owners

New Age owners connecting and embarking on adventures all over the country.
Benefit includes: Special VIP events, workshop information sessions, exclusive updates and invites plus much more…

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Full Caravan and Pop Top: the Geko range is lightweight and compact in design, it includes all the luxuries you would expect from a family sized van. New family Geko poptop easy to storeand pack giving you more space to relax.

Enduro Upgrade: you may like to upgrade your caravan with numerous selected features from – Alko enduro outback suspension solar reversing camera and external shower to mention a few.

Available in: Gecko 11′ 12′ 14′ 16′ 18′ 19′ – On Road
Gecko Pop Top 11′ 12′ 14′ & 16′ – On Road
Gecko Enduro packs available — Semi off Road Enduro Packs

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Pop Top Caravan: New Age Caravans released its very first caravan with the innovative and spacious Wallaby range. This modern pop top hard all the space you will need, the adjustable roof maximises space while in use and minimises space for compact storage. Suitable for single and small families. The Wallaby poptop really feels like a full size van inside, the space is fantastic.

The Enduro upgrade option adds durability and semi off road capability and tailored luxury, with many features from Alko outback suspension, 16″ alloys, solar and reversing camera and more.

Available in: Wallaby 15’ 16’ 18’ – On Road or add Semi Off Road Enduro Pack

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Full Caravan: The Bilby has been designed to suit a variety of needs and budgets, with its contemporary finishes extensive features.

Bibly Deluxe: Bilby Deluxe great size, innovative design, space saving with full ensuite and upgrades like Cruisemaster suspension, solar, Alko esc,16’ rims and leather plus much more.

Available in: Bilby 15‘ & 16’ – On Road / Bilby Deluxe 15’ – On and Off Road

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Full Caravan: Our Manta Ray range is ideal for families or those seeking a luxurious caravan without the price tag. Spacious and comfortable this modern range has all the space you need.

Available in: Manta Ray 16’ 18’ 19’ 20’ 22’ – On Road or add Semi Off Road Enduro Pack

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Full Caravan: The Big Red Range is both stylish and functional and although the winner of “Australia’s best family caravan” the popular ‘big red’ has your couples getaway covered to. New smooth and sleek exterior with led strip lighting and all the modern amenities internally. Big Red Range …use the deluxe packs to create your semi offroad van for your outback adventure.

Available in: Big Red 17’ 20’ 22’ 23’ – On Road and Semi Off Road (except 17’)

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Full Caravan: The award winning oz classic collection the ultimate in luxury with modern features you would expect from a premium caravan.

Available in: Oz Classic 18’ 20’ 21’ 23’ 24’ – On Road – With Galvanised 6” Chassis, Solar and more – free camping is easy with this well equipped luxury van

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Full Caravan: The ultimate offroad caravan…the desert rose is a favourite among those embarking on longer trips, this comprehensive caravan boosts and extensive list of features to ensure your adventure is a comfortable one.

Available in: Desert Rose 18 & 20’ – Full Off Road – contains all Deluxe features

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Full Caravan: Looking for that something extra …aligning comfort and style, magnificent space and u shaped lounge sliding out as a gesture, this caravan provides then user all the comfort and convince of home…”pure class”.

Available in: Blue Diamond 21 & 24’ – On Road

Pack Descriptions

Enduro Packs – Fitted with Alko Outback Independent Suspension, Solar pack, D035 Off road Coupling, 16” LT Alloys, Reversing Camera, Toolbox, High Checker plate, External Shower. The Enduro Pack are the middle benchmark, value for money, the step before the ultimate full off road van. Other options available upon request. Standard upgrade is $10,000 single axle and $14,000 tandem axle.

Deluxe Packs – The bilby and Big Red are the only models with Deluxe option upgrade and is very similar to Enduro but has the upgraded suspension of Cruisemaster Independent XT Coil and ALKO ESC. More features include USB and 12v sockets, Sizzler BBQ, Cooper Tyres, Internal Water Filters and more – Standard upgrade is $11,000 for single axle and $14,000 for tandem axle.



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