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Get exactly what you want from your caravan!
Renmark Custom Caravans helpful hints

To ensure you have a safe and enjoyable holiday we have compiled a helpful check list for you:

The Car:

  • fill up with petrol
  • top up with oil & fluid (engine, transmission & brake)
  • check radiator level (top up)
  • check for any worn hoses
  • make sure fan belt is well tensioned
  • test all tyre pressures
  • test operation of all lights
  • pump up shockers (where fitted)

The Van – Outside:

  • gas bottle filled and secure
  • water tank cleaned & filled
  • check brakes & cables
  • check bearings grease if dry
  • tighten all wheel nuts
  • check condition of tyres and even spread of tread
  • Secure your awning (Cable Ties Work Well)

The Van – Inside:

  • secure all cupboards, drawers, & tables
  • fridge door pinned or locked
  • close all windows & hatches
  • pull down and lock canopy if ( pop top )
  • ensure you carry a current fire extinguisher
  • Make sure your caravan insurance is current

Final Check:

  • remove jockey wheel
  • all lights working correctly (caravan and car together)
  • turn gas off
  • door/s locked and latched
  • stabilisers or jacks raised or removed
  • lead securely connected between car and caravan
  • disconnect 240V electrical lead
  • ensure safety chains secured
  • make sure break away brake box properly charged (if applicable)
  • push in or raise step
  • pick up wheel chocks or levels & step ( if applicable )

Accessories to take with you when travelling:

  • Suitable Jack for your caravan
  • Extra Sink Plug
  • Levelling Blocks
  • Towing Mirrors
  • Extension Power Leads
  • Drinking Water hose
  • Waste Water hose
  • Caravan Park Approved floor matting
  • Current Insurance & Registration Papers

Returning Home:

  • On returning home it is the ideal time to have your caravan serviced.
  • The CCIA suggest a service every 10,000km or every 12mths.
  • With any concerns fresh in your mind, to get checked and fixed. Next time, you are ready to holiday you know your caravan is all prepared to go.
  • A well-maintained caravan not only provides better resale value when you decide to upgrade, but it also guarantees peace of mind when you are on the road.